Conditions H-I

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Bad breath often caused by poor dental hygiene, but also nose or throat infections, poor diet, constipation, smoking, liver malfunction, … More


Unpleasant “morning after” feeling after drinking large amounts of alcohol. Diet: Treat with plenty of water; consomme soup. Nutrients: Take … More


Also called allergic rhinitis, is an oversensitivity to external irritation affecting the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, and air … More


Burning sensation in the stomach caused by ascent of hydrochloric acid from the stomach to the lower esophagus. Principally food-related, … More


Rare, hereditary disease occurring almost exclusively in males, consisting of an abnormal tendency to bleed through delayed clotting. Diet: Broccoli, … More


Swollen veins around the anus that may be external, protruding from the rectum, or internal, accompanied by itching, bleeding, discomfort … More


Common viral infection of the liver, characterized by dark urine, fever, jaundice. It may be also caused by bacteria and … More


Viral disease characterized by cold sores and skin eruptions and periodical recurrence. Herpes simplex causes cold sores around the mouth … More


Common condition in the over-50 population, where the stomach protrudes through the diaphragm muscles, spilling acid in the esophagus. Diet: … More


Blood pressure higher than normal (say 120 over 80), but “normal” usually refers to a statistical average that may be … More